Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dike Blair

                  Dike Blair  Untitled (Kyoto)  gouache and pencil on paper  24" x 18"

Dike Blair was a grad student at SAIC when I was a grad student as well. During a crit on his work I attended  one afternoon he revealed his prankster side. When Ted Halkin began talking about the work, Blair got a bit uneasy and started squirming about in his chair. I was sitting across from him and noticed that it appeared that he had blood coming from his mouth. I was shocked to say the least and called for the group to help the impaired student. Needless to say the joke was on me since it was part of his "performance".
Blair went on to become a very good artist, writer and teacher. His skill is evidenced with the above beautiful meditation on color and texture. His work is a testament to the wonderment of simplicity.

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