Monday, January 6, 2014

Interesting Juxtaposition

Leon Golub  Two Heads ll  1989   acrylic on linen
  68.5" x 94"

Julian Schnabel   Formal Painting With and His Dog  1974  oil on canvas   96" x 72"

I have always felt that there was a connection with Schnabel and Golub. Perhaps it is just their approach to image making and paint application. However, there is a poetic element to their aesthetic that feels like a thread shared. Both were and are dynamic individuals. I still love the overt political and social verve of Golub and am astounded by the audacity of Schnabel.


  1. thanks for the connection. i hadnt noticed it before specially in the portraits

    1. Your are welcome James. Golub's flayed men series with their scraping and scumbling and Schnabel's use of odd surfaces seems to have some kind of relationship. Other than the use of narrative, the two painters are worlds apart.