Monday, October 21, 2013

Serge Charchoune

Serge Charchoune (1888-1975)  Small Black Holes  1927  oil on canvas  12.2" x 16.5"

Born in Russia, Charchoune wanted to be a painter. He was rejected by the Academy in Moscow because he could not draw the figure from nature. Undaunted, he immigrated to western Europe to study with the contemporaries of modern art of the time. His demeanor was such that he could not adhere to the dogma of any movement. So, he became a maverick and worked in many styles that suited his penchant for Russian symbolism and abstraction. Not really a cubist, he co-opted the style to suite his idiosyncratic approach to painting. 


  1. Great post, fascinating to see someone you knew nothing about, seems to fit right in.

  2. You find the oddest connections on the net.