Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alan Davie b.1920  "Monument to a Celtic spirit #8" gouache on paper 22.40"x29.87" 2001

Alan Davie was a contemporary of Pollack, Karel Appel, De Kooning, De Buffet, and Max Ernst. His painting is informed by Jungian symbolic archetypes, music and mystic musings.
 In a correspondance with James Hayman, his gallerist in London, he wrote"Jazz is a medium where I could be carried (out of myself) by an intoxicatingly rhythmic urge (strongly reminiscent of sexuality) and creating (in a kind of trance) elaborate melodic lines floating on a sequence of chords making movements and loops and lunging forms entirely by intuition, but without any conscious intention or preconceived plan." This statement is a corollary for his painting as well.

At 92, Davie continues his intuitive  search for the universality of the human condition in his art. 

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