Monday, March 21, 2016

Alan Davie

Alan Davie  1920-2014  Little Circulatio  2005  oil on board  14.75" x 12.38"

I keep on thinking of why I enjoy Alan Davie's work so much. I was introduced to his work in the early 60's by a mentor and teacher of mine named Darryl Groover. Darryl passed away too early but his legacy lives on in me. My appreciation of color, form and unusual content goes back to him.
Davie epitomized the use of color, form and unusual content that combined the mystical, magical and natural throughout his career. He borrowed symbols from ancient cultures that he appropriated in an authentic manner. He followed his own path to creativity with out yielding to trends or movements. His life was much like Guston's in that he had a vision and followed it to the end without equivocating or apologizing. A path that many younger artists today might learn from.

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