Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ray Yoshida

Ray Yoshida (1930-2009)  Untitled  1972  felt tipped color pen on paper  11" x 8.5"

Ray Yoshida was one on the most influential teachers at SAIC. When I arrived there in 1973 he was considered an icon of the imagists group and a consummate instructor in the painting department. His influence is still felt today, particularly with local artists whose work reflects his obsessiveness and commitment to highly crafted work.

Artist like Rebecca Shore, Ryan Travis Christian and Geoffrey Todd Smith (shown below) reference Yoshida to some degree or another in there particular take on painting and drawing.
Ryan Travis Christian  The Truth Is Often Stupid 2013  graphite on paper   38.75" x 30.25" 

Rebecca Shore  22  2011 oil on linen  40" x 46"  

Geoffrey Todd Smith   Rockets To Rothko  2015  enamel and gouache on panel  30" x 24"

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