Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ritual Board

Ritual Board(Wenena Geerua) circa 1950  Siane People New Guinea  wood, paint, feathers fiber  55 1/8" 

When I lived in Australia in the late 60's, I traveled to Northern Queensland. While in Cairns, I thought I might take a flight to New Guinea which was not too much further north by plane. The idea of going to a place that was wild and relatively untouched by civilization seemed an exotic and adventuresome thing at the time. As it turned out so did another fellow named Rockefeller. The Met was the recipient of most of his collection of Oceania art that he shipped home. Unfortunately, he never made it home to see it in its beautiful display. Perhaps it was a fortunate twist of fate that I didn't take that plane trip. Who knows.

Oceanic art is another touchstone in my life.

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