Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Evelyn Statsinger

                 Evelyn Statsinger  Harvest Angel  1976  oil on linen  48" x 38"
 Thanks to William Conger for informing of the upcoming exhibition of Evelyn Statsinger.
She was a legend way before I arrived in Chicago in the early 70's. Born in 1927, she is part of the Monster Roster that also included Cosmo Campoli and Seymore Rosofsky. This image from 1976, the year I left, is indicative of her consummate color and drawing skills. Referencing nature and visionary elements, she became a harbinger of things to come. When I work today I feel indebted to her as I reference many of her motifs and color combinations. I could say the same for William Conger and many other grand artists from the region.

I am sure the opening at Richard Gray will be a fabulous affair and celebration of her wonderful life as an artist in the city.

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