Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Philip Guston

Philip Guston  Paint Brushes  1978  oil on canvas  42" x 48"

Richard Gray has such an unerring eye for quality work. This Guston is an example of some of the great art he has shown over the many years he has been in Chicago.

When I graduated from SAIC in 1976 I had the hubris to think he would like to see my work with the idea of perhaps showing it in his gallery. I contacted the gallery and made an appointment with him. He was very patrician and cool in demeanor but showed some interest has he looked over works on paper I had brought for him to peruse. He told me to keep working and contact him in a year or so. I never did. 

Lesson: Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Not that it would mean getting a contract with him but perhaps he could have lead me to another opportunity to follow.

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