Thursday, April 9, 2015

Marnet Larsen

Marnet Larsen  Couple  2007  acrylic and tracing paper on canvas  42" x 22"

I had the opportunity to be in LA last week to view some exhibitions and meet with a friend, Sarajo Frieden. She introduced me to some galleries on Highland that I was not familiar with. One of them was VSF that was showing Marnet Larsen, an artist I was also not familiar with. The paintings were captivating. Larsen, who was born in 1940, taught in Florida for over 30 years at a small college. She is a prolific painter and has a distinct view of what painting can and should be. Her architectonic figures float in and out of the picture plane with her unique use of shifting perspective and deft paint application.

Thank you Sarajo for the introduction to this gallery and wonderful painter. 

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