Monday, November 17, 2014

Lily Stockman

                            Lily Stockman  Baboon  2014 oil on linen  52" x 32"
Stockman is a painter based in Joshua Tree, a town in the high desert of So. California. She is a transplant from the east coast where she earned her MFA from NYU in 2012. She also has traveled to India where she and her sister have organized a cooperative to produce textiles for export. While viewing her paintings and reading about her history, it struck me how well she has integrated her experiences into her work. 

Using simplified brush strokes imbued with hues from the desert, she has managed to capture her experience's with paint and surface using the essentials of those experience's.  The allusion to subject matter beyond the apparent abstract forms take the work past formal abstraction to a another realm, a realm that is ultimately much more interesting to contemplate.

Her paintings are on view at Luis De Jesus in Culver City through Dec. 20th. 

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