Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brendan Lancaster

Brendan Lancaster  Untitled (round drawing)  oil on canvas  23.62" x 19.68"
I feel like this image represents a person trying to extricate themselves from a straight jacket. All the tension and muted color gives me the sense that Lancaster is really pushing into interesting territory with his painting. Any one else have any feelings about it?


  1. Excellent painting and an interesting territory to inhabit.

  2. I agree Farrell. Just enough left unsaid to lend an air of mystery.

  3. Looks terrific. Would love to see what happens when the scale goes up. And once again, cubism shows itself to be a fountain. So much painting is influenced by cubism whether the artist is aware of it or not. This is taking early Braque and Picasso and loosening it up, shaking it up. I think of John Marin and so many more who took cubist influence and integrated it into their picture making. Myself included.

  4. Thanks for the comment Scott. Like all contemporary work, this tends to mash up many past and current trends in painting. I was drawn to his direct and unfettered approach to image making. He seems to be more interested in a feeling about painting than a particular relationship to historical trends.